Course Reps


What are Course Reps?

Course Representatives (or Course 'Reps') are an integral part of university life.  They are current students who share the views and opinions of the students on their course with their academic teams, SMSU and other Course Reps across the university.

How do I find out who my Course Rep is?

Speak to your Programme Director or contact the Students’ Union.  If your course does not have a rep, why don’t you become one?

How do I become a Course Rep?

Firstly you should speak to your Programme Director who will advise about elections or agreement from students on your programme.

How are Course Reps supported?

Course Reps are fully trained through physical and online training and supported by the SU President through Course Rep forums (Lunch and Discuss), electronic communications and one to one meetings throughout the year. You can also access the Course Rep Toolkit that will help you during your time as a Rep.

What do Course Reps do?

Course Reps are the voice of the students on their course and share feedback and views of the students that they represent. Course Representatives also attend ‘Programme Board’ – a meeting with academic staff and reps from other year groups to discuss course specific issues.  Reps should also attend forums with the SU President (twice per year) and SU Council (3 times per year).  These meetings allow Reps to meet other Reps from different courses and schools and help make changes to the wider university community.

Benefits and recognition

Being a Course Rep is a great experience, excellent for your CV and ensures that the university is constantly improving the quality of the student experience. There are also ‘Course Rep of the year’ awards given out to one rep per Faculty which will be awarded at the prestigious Summer Ball Dinner at the end of the year.

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