This FAQ was last updated on Friday 10 July 2020 at 5pm.

SMSU Advice - General University Advice - Financial Advice - Medical Advice

To stay up to date on all of the latest information from the University, be sure to check your University email account and SIMMSpace regularly. These are the channels that the University will be using to contact you.

Updates from SMSU will come on this page and through social media. Follow the SMSU and University social media pages below:

- Instagram: @stmaryssu for SMSU & @yourstmarys for the University

- Facebook: SMSU & St Mary’s University

- Twitter: @stmaryssu & @yourstmarys

SMSU Advice

Is the SMSU Office open?

The SMSU Office is now running completely remotely. If you need to contact staff, their details are below:

Sport - Liam Burnett and Maisie Ward - /

Finance - James Turnbull and Noor Sharif -

Communications - Joe Garvey and Ellie Harris - and

Education - Niamh Moore -

Societies/campaigns - Charlie Canning -

Events -

Sponsorship/advertising and commercial partnerships - and

If you want to contact us by phone, call the following numbers for each area of our operation:

Finance – 07495 668680

Marketing – 07947 491660

Sports & Societies – 07495 668645

Academic Advice – 07800 764436

Central – 07947 491660 or 07966 501367

For everything else or if you are unsure about where best to direct your question, email and we’ll do our best to find an answer for you.

The main will be monitored between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday and you should expect a response to your query within two hours, if sent within the hours it is being monitored. If you email out of these hours, you should expect within the same time frame on the next working day. Staff will be monitoring their own email addresses in normal working hours (9am-5pm).

Our social media platforms are up and running as normal too, so feel free to send us messages through them and we will get back to you - but for the quickest possible response, please use the email addresses above. Our staff mostly work 9am-5pm hours from Monday to Friday so please be mindful that we may not be responsive on weekends or out of hours.

If you require out of hours support and it’s something St Mary’s related, please contact If it’s a medical issue, please call 111 immediately.

Is the West London Varsity cancelled?

Unfortunately, the West London Varsity has been cancelled. To read a full statement on this, click here.

I bought a Varsity ticket. Do I get a refund for Varsity?

All tickets will be refunded. We are aiming to get all online Varsity refunds paid back to you by Monday 30 March. If you brought you ticket from office you need to fill in a form to claim your refund. The form can be found here. Once your form has been received payment should be back in your account within 5 working days.

I already have my Varsity top. Do I have to give it back?

You can keep the top and still receive a full refund. If you don’t already have the top, we will still be able to give you one if you bought it online but as we’re working from home you won’t be able to collect this until specific times which will be updated this week.

What is happening with the Sports Clubs Awards Dinner/Societies’ Awards Dinner/Summer Ball?

The Sports Awards are still running as an online awards ceremony - these will happen before July 31 2020.

Is the St Mary’s University Bar open?

The SMSU Team doesn’t run the St Mary’s University Bar, so please check their Instagram feed for any statements.

Is my sports club training still happening? Are we still competing in BUCS?

BUCS fixtures are suspended from Tuesday 17 March at 23.59 until 09:00 on Wednesday 1 April. For more details from BUCS directly, click here.

In terms of training sessions, all Sport St Mary’s facilities are currently closed.

Is my society meet-up still happening?

Unless it's being conducted remotely, this won't be happening. To find out if your society are still meeting up remotely, please contact your Society’s president directly or failing this, email Jack Ritchie at

General University advice

Are the Refectory/Library/Chapel/Sport St Mary’s/other university buildings open?

Please go to your SIMMSpace and check your student email account for updates on this.

Academic Advice & Advent Advocacy

All face to face teaching will end from close of play on Wednesday 18th March. From Monday 23rd March, all teaching will be delivered online until the end of the semester. If you have questions about your programme you should first check Moodle and SIMMSpace, and email your teaching team if you require further information.

In terms of Advice, you can still contact our Education President, Niamh Moore (her email is listed above), who can provide you with advice digitally. Advent Advocacy, the mental health advocacy service we partner with, can also support you. Representatives of Advent Advocacy will be available in the University Library on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, or if you would prefer you can contact them digitally via the following channels:

• Email:

• Telephone: 01325 373 301

• Social Media: @uniadvocates

The No Detriment Rule

To help ensure that students aren't disadvantaged in their academic progress because of COVID-19, our 2019/2020 Education Officer Nat worked with the University on a policy called the 'No Detriment Policy'. It will potentially help you out if your grades suffer because of the current situation - you can find a full explanation of how this works here.

Is the University still running lectures?

Lectures will be taught face-to-face until the end of Wednesday 18th March, and will resume online only from Monday 23rd March until the end of the semester. The University will provide further information about this - check your inbox and SIMMSpace to find out all of the details on this.

When will lectures be running as usual again?

The University is following guidance from the Government, so it is hard for us to predict when the situation may change. We will continue to take guidance from Public Health England and the University; please check University communications on SIMMSpace where the most up to date information will be available.

I am a placement student and I can’t attend because the school is closed. What should I do? 

Your programme team will be able to advise you on what to do, contact them via the contact details on Moodle.

Financial advice

I am struggling financially because I can’t go to work as a result of COVID-19, where can I seek help and advice?

You should contact your employer to find out if they have any interventions in place to support you, and you can also contact the Citizens Advice Bureau to understand what your entitlements might be. If you need further guidance, please speak with Student Services by emailing

I recently travelled to a fixture and are awaiting a refund. What do I do?

All payments submitted to us before 11th March were made on all eligible forms. If you have not received your refund, please email, they will then email you a form for you to complete please remember to attach evidence (this can be a screenshot or photo of a receipt) . All forms that don't have valid evidence will not be paid.

If you did not submit a form before 11th March, the Union remote working period will not be counted within the usual time frame requirements for the form. So as long as you didn’t leave it too late before the Union went to remote working, we can process this when we are back in the Office again.

Our Fund Requisition Form is available here

Medical Advice

What should I do if I think I might have Coronavirus?

If you think you have Coronavirus, you need to ensure that you isolate yourself from others. You must follow NHS Guidance and refer yourself online

If you self-isolate, or have been diagnosed with coronavirus, please notify the University Student Services team by completing this form

Completing the form above is the best way to notify the University of self-isolation or diagnosis, however should you require further information from Student Services, their contact details are as follows:

• telephone 020 8240 8238 or 020 8240 4034 (Mon-Fri 9am -5pm),

• Or email 

• Alternatively, telephone Security 020 8240 4335 (Outside office hours)

What does self isolation mean?

You can find more information about self isolation here:

I’m required to self-isolate and I’m worried about my mental health. Who do I speak to?

If you’re feeling anxious about COVID-19 or feel worried about your mental health in any way, we’d advise that you read this guide from MIND on coronavirus, self-isolating and your mental health. You can read it here.

If you feel that you need help from a professional, Student Services are currently still open. You can contact them on They also provide a counselling service called Big White Wall which is accessible remotely - just head to their website, and register using your University email address.

If there are any changes to Student Services’ opening hours, they will be announced on SIMMSpace and through your email account. 

I’m worried about a friend of mine who I think is struggling in self isolation, what should I do?

You should make sure that you maintain isolation from them so you don’t compromise your own health, but you can contact your friend digitally by texting, using social media, or FaceTime. If you are concerned that your friend could use some wellbeing support, you can also refer them to Big White Wall, a completely digital support service that the University is partnered with. More information can be found on their website or on SIMMSpace.

I need some advice but I can’t come to campus, what should I do?

Your Sabbatical Officer team is still available to contact digitally! Their email addresses are:

Maisie Ward, Sport President:

Niamh Moore, Education President:

Charlie Canning, Student Life President: 

If you are unsure where to direct your enquiry, you can email, and we will be able to direct you to the best place.

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